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We offer end-to-end solutions for mobile application development in the iOS + Android ecosystems. Web and Backend included upon request, we work with it all. If your team is looking for a Mobile and/or Web software solution, we will work closely with you to build it excellently.

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The Technical Backend Running Crypto Markets


Trade Crypto Like a Pro

We have extensive experience managing, maintaining, and building the technical backend of what is required to trade crypto algorithmically in 2019. Particular focus on Market Making and Arbitrage, with some Macro algorithms.

Powered by the Gryphon Framework, we maintain a custom fork of the engine, have built strategies, and integrated with exchanges and new currency pairs.

Talk to us about harnessing the crypto market for you.


For Storing and Using Cryptocurrency


The Internet is an Open Place

Don't keep large sums of currency on it.

We collaborate with you to build custom storage solutions. We use the most up-to-date best practices, our knowledge of crypto spanning back to 2011, and consider all client needs individually.

If you are a Crypto Fund, Industry Player or Personal HODLer and need a more secure and bespoke solution:

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